The club celebrated the success of the Reunite Cultures Fund visit to Sedona.  The Armenian Troupe performed for over 500 students and 200 adults during their stay.  Sedona Red Rock High School World History teacher, Chris Ames, said, "It was wonderful for our students to meet artists their own age traveling the world to perform traditional dances and music... [We] just completed...[learning] about Armenia being the first nation to officially embrace Christianity...the perfectly."  West Sedona principal, Elizabeth Tavasci, said, "The kiddos LOVED being able to dance with the dancers."  The event was probably best summed up by Zane Dickey, Verde Valley School's Assistant Director for Admissions, when he wrote, "...well done on an amazing cultural event to bring our community together."
*photo from Jim Peterson
Carol and Jeff, Chuck, Jennette and David, Tracey, Bob, and Russ all stepped up to host the group.  They unanimously agreed that it was a wonderful experience to have them in their homes.  Thank you to the members who provided food for the potluck.  Winnie was awarded the Above and Beyond award pin for her dedication and persistence in making this event successful and professional.  The troupe specifically thanked her for showing them how to "up their game."  Jennette, having already been awarded the Above and Beyond pin, received the Spirit of Service award. Jennette devoted her endless energy to making the troupe feel at home while giving as many students and community members the opportunity to appreciate this cultural exchange.