Our guest speaker for the July 16 meeting: Janeen Trevillyan from the Sedona Heritage Museum.
She shared a brief glimpse into the movie making history of Sedona. 
The Museum houses over 50,000 photos and 3,000 donated objects and memorabilia about the filming history in Sedona.
Movies were once the economic driver for Sedona and even though the destination was used to depict Canada, New Mexico, and other states, it earned a reputation as a place for filming. Stars came from near and far and a hotel was built just to be the lodging location for the talent and crew.
Her favorites: Broken Arrow from 1949, Last Wagon from 1956, The Rounders from 1965 (our very own Jennette Bill was an extra in this one!), and Stay Away Joe from 1968- Elvis Presley's worst movie he ever made, driving a pink Cadillac to herd cattle!
The Museum is rich in history and information. Plan a visit to learn more. Click here to visit the website