Welcome to the new Rotary year for our Rotary Club of Sedona Village!
Welcome: Our first meeting of the 20/21 year was held July 2 at 7:30am via Zoom. Some logged on early to share a cup of coffee and friendly catching up.
Attendees: We were so excited to see: Jennette, Heather, Miki, Holly, Mark, Harry, Chuck, Carolyn, Sara, Ernie, Peg, Damian, Jack, Lori, Rob, Gerri, Rachelle, John and our guest, soon to be member, Christie Helm.
We started with the Star Spangled Banner and a beautiful rendition by the late Whitney Houston, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4 Way Test.
NEW this year- an example by the greeter of how they put the 4 Way Test into practice. Carolyn shared as an optometrist, she has a responsibility to make decisions that are beneficial to all concerned, especially now in the time of COVID-19.