On Thursday, June 14, the Sedona Village Club had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Dennis Dearden, new Sedona Superintendent of Schools. With great enthusiasm, he shared his background in education, experience, and desire to focus on children and make Sedona's educational offerings match the views.
Mr. Dennis Dearden has years of experience in education and has chosen Sedona as his new challenge. In front of nearly 20 Rotarians, Mr. Dearden talked about his childhood and how it drove him to choose education as a career.
As a 4th grade student, he found himself with a difficult home life and using school as a safe haven. Teachers took notice when he arrived on time, listened intently and did his homework. With words of encouragement, they told him he could be a teacher and even a principal one day. It was that day in 4th grade that helped him decide his career choice.
Mr. Dearden acknowledges the challenges we have in Sedona around declining enrollment, closing a school due to budget cuts, and the need to work on our products. With motivation and enthusiasm, he has jumped into the position before his contract starts and hit the ground running.
Mr. Dearden mentioned the need to work with the school board, local newspaper, and focus on the team in order to make education a gift for students. He and his wife, along with their 13 year old daughter will be calling Sedona home. He knows and believes the school district will make vast improvements and looks forward to working hand in hand with the Sedona Village Club and others in Sedona.
Welcome to Sedona Mr. Dearden!