The Howling Coyote Newsletter!
Edition 2, Issue 5
September 12
John L. presenting Carolyn M. with the Paul Harris Fellowship award for charitable giving. 
Welcome: Determined Damian gave the gavel to Dante, his shy son, who promptly kinda hit the bell…then hit it harder….then really smacked it and brought the noisy room of members to order. Dutiful Damian. recited the Rotary Theme for this year “Rotary Connects The World,” and reminded us that our R.I. President is Mark Maloney who is an attorney, and a long standing member of the Decatur, Alabama Rotary Club. 
Greeter: Dynamic Damian then called on the Greeter Robin, to lead us in the greeter process: We said the Pledge of Allegiance, recited the 4 Way test, welcome visiting Rotarians, and guests of Rotary.
Thought of the Day: The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose ,we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand….individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work and Rotary work!”   Vince Lombardi  (and “Rotary work” was added).
Guests: Dante Bruno, and past Rotarian Bonnie Best. 
Visiting Rotarians: Steve Bjornstad, Sun Lakes RC, Andrew Bailor Sedona Red Rocks RC.
Happy Bucks
Harry: Happy to celebrate Cardinals with a tie Game by wearing one black and one red shoe. (Please ask Harry for clarification).
Jennette: had many Happy thoughts which included a wonderful trip to visit 6 National Parks, a Rotary YE pot luck at her and David’s home this Saturday 9-14, with a cleanup planned for the YE students at RRHS to clean the stadium bleachers.
Rob: Happy about his trip to Sweden to visit family especially grandson
John Lothrop: Welcome to DR. Jarvis as a new member and the good work that The Rotary Foundation continues to do.
Damian: The Creek Cleanup gathered 40 locals and Rotarians to gather 55 lbs of trash along Oak Creek.
Mark: Happy to be back, great trip to Oahu with Gills.
I am sure this Scribe missed some Happiness …but I can only write so fast!! My apologies!
Harry presented Carolyn with a large very large calendar which she could display in her office. 
Drawing for greeter gift: Won by Holly…”oh no… wrong number… needs glasses” (Carolyn gave her a business card), and then Miki jumped to her feet and challenged Holly with the correct number and she won a double box of chocolate covered Macadamia nuts imported by Robin and wrapped in traditional Hawaiian shell necklaces. These drawings are getting tougher to win!!
Sep 26, 2019
Green Bag Collection - Verde Valley neighborhood food project
Oct 10, 2019
Verde Valley Caregivers
Nov 14, 2019
Shelter Box USA
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Greeter Schedule:
Gerri Beaudin- 9/26
President- Damian Bruno
President Elect- Heather Hermen
Treasurer- Miki Dzugan
Sergeant-at-Arms- Harry Grossman
Membership- Mark von Hoetzendorff
Rotary Foundation- John Lothrop
Vocational Services- Fred Mast
Youth Services- Russ Snider
Read more about the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.
Club banner from Puerto Penasco. Damian visited and swapped banners.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Dr. Rachelle Jarvis, Bell Rock Plaza Veterinarian Clinic, was inducted into our Rotary Club today. Rachelle gave a brief overview of her education, career and family. Her sponsor is Rob. The membership rose, applauded her membership and then formed a line to shake her hand in welcome.
Foundation Recognition: John Lothrop presented a Paul Harris Pin ($1000.00) to Carolyn M. and a 6xs pin ($6 000) to Harry. Both were duly recognized for their individual generosity to TRF. 
Announcements: Damian read off a list of upcoming events:
            9-14: YUE Potluck at Bill’s home
            9-14: SIFF Beach Boys concert at Loy Ranch
            9-17: Coffee at Expresso 8am
            9-18 Club BOD mtg 8am
            9-25 Charitable Fund BOD mtg 8am
            9-26 Next regular RC mtg at 7:30 am
            10-1 Rotary coffee at Expresso
            10-3 Yavapai sheriff Coffee Chat Location TBA
            10-10 Regular RC mtg 7:30 am
            10-15 Rotary Coffee at Expresso
            10-16 Club BOD
            10-21 Future Chef at JWine Bistro
            10-23 Charitable Fund BOD mtg
            10-24 Regular Club mtg
            10-26 Halloween Party at the Vons
Open Club Committee Assignments: Our peerless president once again reminded all members, “unless you are on a committee already, please sign up for one of the following club committees. We need all members to be on a committee and help serve the community.” Open opportunities:
            Grocery Grab
            Future Chef
            Cathedral Rock Scramble
            Yavapai Sheriff meeting
            World Polio Day
            Moonlight Madness
Program: Steve Bjornstad, PP Sun Lakes RC, presented his program “Rotary Microcredit Project, Sonora Mexico.” The Micro Credit project meets the RI Focus criteria and has been a successful project for the past 11 years. It involves meeting with Rotary Clubs and then community people, mostly woman, who need money to start a business. Currently that money comes from 3 Global Grants the monies which come from your generosity…thru contributions to The Rotary Foundation as well as a private company called Fin Reg. Steve called these grants a “poverty reduction process.” These grants have provided thousands of dollars to start new businesses in Mexico.  Results are that families eat better, get a better education, they have pride in the products and more dignity in themselves. These loans provide for a livable income, and in addition provide for an education and community support for the borrowers. The monies are provided from a 3rdparty agency, “0” admin costs, 97% are recollected annually, and reloaned twice a year. Steve indicated that there is a new global project that s in need of partner Rotary Clubs. This could be a wonderful way for Sedona Village RC to participate in its first International project!!
Damian thanked all for attending especially our guests and visitors. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 sharp.
Scribe: Mark von H.
Club Information
Sedona Village
Service Above Self
Second and fourth Thursdays at 7:30 am
Oakcreek Country Club-Redstone Grill
690 Bell Rock Blvd.
Sedona, AZ  86351
United States
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VenueMap Venue Map
Have questions, need more information, please contact the Club President: Damian Bruno