Verde Valley School Interact & Afsana from Afghanistan
What a wonderful meeting we had a chance to enjoy this morning! 
First, we had the chance to induct two new members into our club: Susan Turner and Garey Schmidt. Both of these professionals provided us with a glimpse into their backgrounds and the talent they have working with people, helping in the medical field, and being passionate community members and volunteers. We're so excited to have them join our club. Thank you for choosing us, Susan and Garey!
Next, we had the chance to recognize the Verde Valley School Interact Club and all of their student representatives. They brought such enthusiasm for life and making a difference in our world that it was contagious. We had a chance to provide them with their very own 4 Way Test banner for use at VVS. Thank you all for joining us!
Finally, our guest speaker, Afsana, joined us to share information about her time growing up and living in Afghanistan. She comes from a large family with many sisters, and a beloved grandmother, as well as her parents. She attended one of the top 5 public schools in Kabul. Afsana shared how life was different before August of 2021. She was cycling, loving it, and learning more and more about it. But, life changed last summer. She had to hide from authorities in Pakistan while she awaited her visa in order to travel to the United States. 
As a teenager, away from her parents, and all family members, she had a very difficult decision to make. Her parents told her to never return to Afghanistan even if it meant they would never see each other again. Her emotions and feelings were palpable this morning as she spoke. The room was silent as we listened to her share how she waited for 3 months, avoiding the authorities in Pakistan, to get her visa. When she did receive it, she was able to make it to the United States. Thankfully, her family is out of Afghanistan as well and spread across three countries.
Afsana has followed her passion for education and is at Verde Valley School and continues to cycle. Afsana and the Interact Club have exciting plans for the future to help make a difference for other refugees. We can't wait for them to share their formal plans and ask all of you to help along with our club. Thank you Afsana for sharing your story with us!

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