World Polio Day Oct. 24
Mark von Hoetzendorff gave an update on World Polio eradication that started as a Rotary project 35 years ago. "Rotarians have contributed $2.1 billion with countless volunteer hours to vaccinates 3B children in 122 countries," he said. Mark showed photos from his trips to Africa at the height of Rotary efforts on that continent. In 2020 Africa was certified by WHO as polio free.
Rob Schaefer made a stirring appeal for continued support of the project and gave clear instructions about how to donate. While polio outbreak is down to only a few per year in Afghanistan and Pakistan, funds are still needed to do the surveys necessary to determine when infections of wild polio virus are finally ended. It takes two years of no new cases for WHO to declare the world "Polio Free."

What is next?

  • Afghanistan and Pakistan remain polio endemic due to governmental and religious restrictions
  • If we stop our efforts to vaccinate the children of these two countries it’s estimated that at minimum 200,000 children could be paralyzed each year.
  • It costs $3.00 to protect a child against polio
  • It costs $100M to conduct polio surveillance each year
  • So what can you and I do to help?
Happy Bucks for the month of October will go to RI Polio Eradication fund.
Rob Schaefer, shown with Carolyn Martin (L) presented $3000 to Heather Risk from Golf Tournament proceeds.
We're collecting donations to help the Rotary Club of the Verde Valley with their Project Prom Closet. If you have any formal dresses, shoes, jewelry, men's formal wear, shoes, ties, pocket squares, suspenders, etc., please bring them to the next Rotary meeting. We'll gather all of the items and store them in our classroom and then deliver in November. 
October 21, 2021
Edition 4, Issue 8
President- Heather Hermen
Immediate Past President- Jennette Bill
President Elect- Carolyn Martin
Secretary- Sara Crosby-Hartman
Treasurer- Jeff Mahan
Membership- Mark von Hoetzendorff
Rotary Foundation- Rob Schaefer
Youth Services- Holly Johnson
Public Relations- Miki Dzugan
Read more about the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.
Harry, AKA: Mr. Coffee, has our club all set up with a Keurig dispenser, jar for donations (coffee is $1 a cup), recycle set up for the coffee grounds, creamer, and more! Another reason to join us in person at the next meeting. Thank you, Harry!
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    Halloween Happy Hour
Oct. 30th at 4:30 at Decanter
Veterans' Day Nov. 11 at Sedona Winds
Veterans' Raffle Nov. 12 - 14 at Clark's Market
Afsana arrives at VVS Saturday Oct. 30
Committee Meeting Schedule:
Community Service & Fundraising Meeting: First Thursday, immediately following the club meeting. 8:30am.
Public Relations: First Thursday after club meeting, Contact Miki Dzugan.
International: Second Monday, 7:30am, Contact Winnie Muench.
Youth Services: beginning in September, second Tuesday, 8:00am, Contact Holly Johnson.
Board Meeting: Second Wednesday, 4:00pm, Contact Heather Hermen.
Charitable Fund: Second Wednesday, 5:00pm, Contact Jennette Bill.
Club Admin.: Third Wednesday, 4:30pm, Contact Carolyn Martin.
Membership: Second Thursday, immediately following the club meeting. 8:30am, Contact Mark von.
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