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June Issue 12
A President on his way out and a new one stepping in. 
The Rotary Club of Sedona Village "Sail Away" Event- June 27, 2019
Get cozy- this is a long read.
The first “Boot Out” party for The Rotary Club of Sedona Village, with the Theme being “Sail Away”! commenced at 5:30 and around 30 Rotarians and guests gathered to pay tribute to Rob and the club. The libations flowed and conversations were loud and happy! Amy Montgomery and Carolyn Martin did a great job in decorating the room and tables….. it was very nautical!!
Welcome: Rotarian Rob welcomed all to his last meeting and his “Boot Out” celebration! He reminded us all of the RI Theme: “Be The Inspiration!”, and the Rotary Vision Together we see the world where people unite and take action to create lasting change…across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves…and that our President is Barry Rassin , and that The Rotary Club of Sedona Village is a leadership organization that improves people’s lives locally and globally, through service.
Rob introduced guests: wife Alix, DGE David Simmer and wife Izzy, PDG Mark and Robin, Mike Smith, John Ramagli and Nikki, Julie Klotthor and Ken.
Year in Review: Rob then took us through our first year as a club:
  Organized the Charitable Fund
  Organized the Village Club
  Received the 5 Avenues of Service Award
  Should receive the RI Rotary Citation next month
  Interact Sponsor
  15 Service projects
  $15K, 8 grants, donated to Verde Valley community
       and $3K to scholarships
  Trading Banner adopted
  Howling Coyote created and published
  1stFundraiser-Watters Concert
  FutureChef program initiated (thanks to John
       Ramagli’s support)
  Meeting Place: Redstone Grille-thank you Mike and
Inducted Inaugural Honorary Rotarians:
  John Ramagli, Mike Smith, Julie Klotthor
Awards Presented  (those not in attendance will receive their awards at the July 11thmeeting)
            Board of Directors: Certificates of Appreciation
            President of our Charitable Fund-Lori Zaleski
            Imagineer and Program Champion-David Gill
            Unsung Hero Award-Heather Hermen
            Sands of Time- Mel Upp
            Pillar of the Club: Miki Dzugan
            Rotarian of the Year: John Lothrop
            Flying Pig Award: Mark von H - Rob presented
                the traveling trophy (another new club
                tradition) that he created, which includes a
                metal sculpture of a flying pig with Rotary
                emblems on its sides.
Jul 25, 2019
The power of one green bag!
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Greeter Schedule:
To be announced
Upcoming Events: 
7/11- Club Meeting
President- Damian Bruno
President Elect- Heather Hermen
President Nominee- Carolyn Martin
Treasurer- Miki Dzugan
Secretary- Amy Montgomery
Sergeant-at-Arms- Harry Grossman
Membership- Mark von Hoetzendorff
Rotary Foundation- John Lothrop
Vocational Services- Fred Mast
Youth Services- Russ Snider
Read more about the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.
Party fun at the celebration.
Awards and officers.
That's not Popeye- that's Rob!
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
The Evening's Events
Induction of our new Club President: Damian.  Rob verified that Damian was current on his dues and, using a strange looking device, verified that Damian had a heart beat – the two primary qualifications to be a club president.  Damian affirmed he would attempt to lead the club using the Rotary 4-Way Test as his guide. Rob inaugurated another tradition: giving the incoming president a presentation copy of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised with the Rotary Wheel and engraved club plate on the front.  Each year the outgoing president writes a message in the book to his successor. Pretty classy.  Damian, with book and gavel in hand, was declared the new club president: congratulations, Damian! 
Thoughts: Rob thanked the members and guests for their support and help to make his year as President very successful. He recalled the why, how, and what of Rotary, explaining that the WHY, the motivations of each Rotarian that causes them to be a Rotarian, is so important.
Alix: Rob’s wife of 50 years, then regaled the assembly with stories about Rob and Rotary; amazing what people will say when given an audience.
Flowers: Damian then presented a bouquet of flowers to Alix; and, Rob presented a bouquet to Danielle, our new first lady (also a Rotarian).
Damian then led the meeting with his gavel and new President’s pin.
Mark and Damian then proceeded to get Rob to change into an absurd looking sailor’s outfit, appropriate for the Sail Away theme, and had him seated in front of the podium; all duly recorded by our DGE. There were two parts to this skit created by David Gill, Mark and Damian: “The Simple Rotary Fact Test”, and the “Ode to The Commodore”. 
The Rotary Fact test was administered by Damian…Rob actually got two correct. The audience was enthusiastically supportive of Rob’s knowledge.
Simple Rotary Test:
Now that Rob has been President of our Rotary Club for one year, he has gained an immeasurable amount of both Rotary and Leadership knowledge. We thought it would be benefitting for such a Rotary leader to display that knowledge to the members of the club. As such, we have created a rather simple almost basic Rotary Knowledge Test.
In addition, as you probably know Rob is a sailing and boating enthusiast. In fact he is a Past Commodore of the Westlake Yacht club. We saw fit to adopt his Yachting knowledge as a theme for this ‘Sail Away” Boot Out party. To celebrate his past Commodore experiences we created an “Ode to The Commodore’ to high lite his past Naval leadership as well. 
Damian will take us thru the Rotary Knowledge Test:
Rotary Knowledge Test
      1.Who created the 4 Way Test?                 
      Ans: Herb Taylor,  1932
  1. Was Paul Harris the first President of the Chicago Rotary Club?
     Ans: No he was the first President of Rotary
     International, The first President of Chicago RC was
     Silvester Schiele…one of the five first Rotarians…all
     friends of Paul Harris.
  1. When did women first become “legal” members of Rotary International?
     Ans: 1989
     4. Are Rotarians members of Rotary International?
     Ans: No Rotary Clubs are members of RI, Rotarians are
     members of Rotary Clubs
  1. Rotary’s wheel emblem has 6 spokes and 24 cogs and a keyway. When was this emblem officially adopted?
    Ans: 1923 
Damian: Ask audience how Rob did? How many correct out of 5?  Pass or fail? Thumbs up or down?
Mark: Let's go on to the “Ode to the Commodore”…..which commemorates Rob’s tenure as Rotary President in Naval terminology. Westlake Yacht Club where he sailed and helped to teach others to sail.  We saw fit to adopt that theme as the theme for our “Sail Away” and created an “Ode to the Commodore”: Markinstructs the audience that the Ode is steeped in Naval terms beginning with the letter B…can they count them? There is a prize for the correct answer.
ODE TO THE COMMODORE: Never published before and not copyrighted for obvious reasons! Authored by David Gill/Mark.
Assuming leadership of the Rotary Club from Lori in July 2018, Rob began to look for ballastto balance the ship…..
He created a board of officers and immediately commanded all hands to assume their battlestations.
Rob established a bearingfor his vessel, and commanded all hands to batten down the hatches for a bumpy ride.
From the bridge, he often called out to back and fillwhen things didn’t go as planned, to pump the bilgeswhen we were in danger of broaching, and sent us  back to the boilerroom to build up more steam for the course ahead.  We have never suffered the sailor’s lament of becalming.  No one caught beri beriunder Rob’s command.  
At times, Rob breachedthe Rotary guidelines to buoyup the club.  But there has not been a mutiny on the good ship HMS Sedona Village.
And with all of these efforts capably directed from the bridge, our club has entered a phase of brightblueskies, balmytropical breezes, with a bounteousfuture.  Under your leadership, many of us have caught the “blueand yellow fever”, and you have not had to command a bareboatcharter.  You avoided beachingour club and prevented mal intentioned pirates from boardingour vessel.
Thank you Commodore/President Rob for your guidance and leadership…….
How many B’s were there?  (24)  …… Provide the gift!. As a past Commodore and President of our Club, we present you with our token of your successful leadership.  As a PC and a PP you are hereby enrolled with membership in the International Order of the Blue and Yellow Gavel, evidenced by this token that we are sure you will cherish for years to come.
Our Club is grateful for your service and leadership, and wishes you calm seas and fair winds………… you return to your berth as a regular member of our Club.
Thanks and best wishes from all in attendance were given to Rob for his leadership and guidance. As a small token of appreciation Rob was presented with a Blue and Gold Gavel which designates his membership of which (he is the only member) in the International Order of the Blue and Gold Gavel!  
Mark then read emailed comments from David G. who is in Argentina. Mark added his thanks as well.
Boot Out Trophy: 
Damian the added his thanks to Rob and presented the “Boot Out” trophy with its words of wisdom inscribed in the accompanying book. Rob added his heartfelt final, final thoughts.
Damian adjourned the meeting and hit the Club Bell for the first time. We adjourned around 8:30 and headed to The Von’s for dessert!!
Scribe: Mark von H.
Club Information
Sedona Village
Service Above Self
Second and fourth Thursdays at 7:30 am
Oakcreek Country Club-Redstone Grill
690 Bell Rock Blvd.
Sedona, AZ  86351
United States
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Have questions, need more information, please contact the Club President: Rob Schaefer.