The Howling Coyote Newsletter!
Edition 2, Issue 8
October 24
Dave Herbert from Escondido Sunrise-California, and Damian exchange club flags.
Welcome: Damian brought the energetic and noisy group to order at 7:30. He noted that we “have a very full agenda” so we had better get going!! He announced that Harv or designated greeter was not in attendance so Danielle pitched in and did the greeter duties. Thank you again Danielle.
Greeter: Danielle welcomed our one visiting Rotarian Dave Herbert from Escondido Sunrise-California. Club flags were shared. She also introduced our guests, Ken Rouse and Bonnie Best. She led us through the Pledge and 4 Way test. Her Thought of the Day was “You learn more from your failure than your success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”
Happy Bucks
Damian: Happy birthdays to Gerri, Jennette, Harv and Carolyn Martin Chang…a Rousing Happy Birthday song dedicated to each!
Mel: Thank you to the four drivers that bring him to the Rotary Club meetings: Holly, Miki, Fred and Mark.
Rob: Get well wishes for Jennette who had a knee replacement last week
Fred: 37th Wedding Anniversary
Russ: Has connected with Interact and they will be visiting soon.
Holly: one year in Sedona
David: Thanks to Robin and others who stood up and donated even more to Future Chef.
Mark: Remember Halloween party Oct 26th 6-9 pm, Community Clean up project 311 Nov 2nd, all please attend 8 am-4 pm. We need all Rotarians on board.
Future Chef Event
Nov 14, 2019
Shelter Box USA
Dec 12, 2019
Equine Therapy for Veterans
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Greeter Schedule:
Gerri Beaudin- 9/26
President- Damian Bruno
President Elect- David Gill
Treasurer- Miki Dzugan
Secretary- Bonnie Best
Sergeant-at-Arms- Harry Grossman
Membership- Mark von Hoetzendorff
Rotary Foundation- John Lothrop
Vocational Services- Fred Mast
Youth Services- Russ Snider
Read more about the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.
Club banner from Puerto Penasco. Damian visited and swapped banners.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Future Chef team
John R. at head of table
Enjoying dinner!
Future Chef: David reported that this event held Oct 21st was a big success. 41 attended. John R from J Wine Bistro would like to do again with even a larger attendance. Final numbers are not in yet but it appears that $4000+ looks realistic.
Halloween Party: Open to all Rotarians and guests: Saturday Oct 26th, at the Von’s, costumes optional, prizes for best: costume, decorated pumpkin, and Halloween Joke.
Rotary Community Project: Nov 2nd, 8 am to 4 pm. 311 Lindsay Ave (Kaibab Way and Lindsay). Wear work clothes, and bring tools.
Veteran’s Day: At Sedona Winds, asst living bldg. in rear of main facility. Nov 11th, 2 pm. Rotary hosting event.
Grocery Grab: Danielle gave us the new date: Dec 14th,  at Clark’s grocery. Planning is done, sponsors are being solicited.
World Polio Day 2019:  Two presenters provided an update: PP Rob gave us a rundown on the history of Polio and finished with an update as to where we are in eradicating the disease. PDG Mark provided a short PowerPoint with slides from his NID (Nat’l Immunization Day) trips to Africa to put a face to the history of Polio eradication. In the end Rotary has spent $1.2 Billion to eradicate this disease. PolioPlus was created to continue the original work created in 1985. Today Rotary partners with UNICEF, CDC, WHO and many other health and NGO’s continue to deliver the vaccine. The message both were trying to communicate is that your contribution is still critical to the ongoing focus of The Rotary Foundation. Each dollar is doubled by the Gates Foundation. The work of eradicating in Pakistan and Afghanistan is problematic based on politics and religious issues. 99.9 % of Polio is eradicated. Nigeria should be certified this year (3 year without a case…WHO requirement). Great positive news…but the vigil goes on because the virus continues to mutate…we are on the 4th mutation and so eradication continues!
However the PLUS in PolioPlus is that a considerable amount of money is spent by TRF on grants having to do with TRF’s 6 Focus Areas:
     Water and Sanitation
     Maternal and Child Health
     Basic education and Literacy
     Peace: Conflict resolution and prevention
     Disease prevention and treatment
     Economic and community development
Young Life: Jon Booth presenter. Fred introduced the program and presenter Jon Booth.
Young Life started in 1941, and 1950 in Arizona and focuses on kids 12-25 years old. The mission is to introduce kids to leaders who can create a relationship to deal with life concerns. 50-60 kids belong to the Young Life club in Sedona. They have weekly meetings to continue the relationships gained at weekly meetings and camps. Meetings are a place to learn, question and grow. Young Life has members of 2.7 M kids worldwide, and 800 kids in the Verde Valley. This was an interesting program with a purpose to help adolescents learn to cope with life’s concerns and challenges.
View short 3 minute video of Younglife banquet in 2019:
Damian adjourned the meeting at 8:30.
Scribe: Mark von H.
Club Information
Sedona Village
Service Above Self
Second and fourth Thursdays at 7:30 am
Oakcreek Country Club-Redstone Grill
690 Bell Rock Blvd.
Sedona, AZ  86351
United States
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Have questions, need more information, please contact the Club President: Damian Bruno