The Howling Coyote Newsletter!

Edition 2, Issue 13

February 13, 2020



Welcome: Damian welcomed the “crowd” to the meeting It appeared we had more guests than members attending. He also gave us all full warning that we had a full agenda and would have to move along “briskly”!!
Greeter: Carolyn acted as greeter “backup.”  Her Thought of the Day was “It’s the action, not the fruit of the action that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, it may not be your time, that there will be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” Ghandi. She led us through the Pledge and The Four Way Test.
Guests:  Jerry Curnow from Wisconsin, David hare, RC of Charlotte, North Carolina, Bev Copen guest of Ken Rouse, Dennis Dearden Supt of Education-Sedona Schools, Heather Shaw, Paul Pavlich teacher, and  Maureen? and Patrick Schweiss, SIFF CEO, our program speaker.
Additionally we had 3 students from RRHS, Sofia Zimmerman, Chloe Coulter and Hunter Wright attend and thanked the club for our support and that they were busy with Fundraising and many other activities.
Happy Birthdays: None
Happy Bucks: Harry did his thing with the spittoon with his able assistant, Holly helping. There were many happy bucks today: Welcome back to Heather Hermen, and Valentine wishes from many members grandchildren increases, trips etc.  Lots of happiness!!
The “Club Meeting Survey” handed out at the last meeting has been compiled but there was not enough time to review. That will be done at the next meeting.
The Potential New Member Social signup was sent around by Mark. The Social is scheduled for Feb 25th, 5-7pm at JWine Bistro. The club is hosting wine, beer and small bites. This is a chance to bring a friend, colleague, family member to learn about Rotary and the Village Rotary Club. There will be a PowerPoint and Rotary materials to hand out. We will also have a Q and A period. Please attend even though you might not have a potential member.
Moonlite Madness III: David gave the members a quick rundown about the fundraiser. Could be held Aril 7, or early May. Permits and critical contacts made, The Collective is supportive of this effort, to break even we must sell 300+ tickets. The Board will review the details and make a recommendation to the membership at the Feb 23rd meeting.
Imagination Liobrary: Jennette announced that a fundraiser for Imagination Library will be held 2-23 at Blazin M Ranch in Cotton wood. See her for tickets.
Habitat for Humanity: Painting at an unfinished house on 2-29, 2 shifts am and pm. Signup sheet went out. Call Jenette for sign up.
Sedona Kids tax Credit: Flyers were distributed. Jennette asked for those participating to use RRHS Interact Club as the recipient.
Program: Patrick Schweiss, CEO of Sedona International Film Festival (SIFF) was our program today. Patrick was introduced by “his boss” Chair of The SIFF Board of Directors, Chuck Marr. Patrick presented with a lot of energy and gave us a number of facts about the films audience and activities surrounding SIFF. Some facts: SIFF starts 2-22 and runs for 8 days thru 3-2. It can be best seen individually thru their website interactively to purchase tickets and learn about the films, Monday 2-17 sales open to the public, 12000 people will attend,, 40% of attendees are “locals,” parties at 9pm will be held each evening at all of the primary restaurants in town. This year will show over 177 films, 900 rooms provided by local hotels for film crews and celebrities, film makers consider the Sedona audience to be “the best” and “most understanding” of the many film festivals in the US, Patrick highlighted as a “must see”: “Sheperd” and a collaboration of Mark Shaman’s music, “An Evening of Mark Shaman’s music.” Several members of the Village Rotary are very involved with SIFF: Heather H. (Sedona Board of Education) facilitated beer and wine to be sold at RRHS performing Arts Center where sales will go to RRHS. Peg S. chair of VIP concierge, and Chuck Marr SIFF Board Chair. All were duly applauded for their hard work, time and effort to make SIFF the internationally acclaimed Festival it has become to be known as. A wonderful program and a wonderful community project SIFF we should be proud of.
President Damian adjourned the meeting at 8:30
Scribe: Mark von H.
Greeter Schedule:
President- Damian Bruno
President Elect- David Gill
Treasurer- Miki Dzugan
Secretary- Bonnie Best
Sergeant-at-Arms- Harry Grossman
Membership- Mark von Hoetzendorff
Rotary Foundation- John Lothrop
Vocational Services- Fred Mast
Youth Services- Russ Snider
Read more about the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.
Club banner from Puerto Penasco. Damian visited and swapped banners.
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