On Saturday, May 8, we celebrated the Community Garden with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00am. We welcomed guests from the community, our sponsors, and our in-kind sponsors. We gathered in the Garden and shared our history, how far we have come in just 9 months, and the direction we will take.
As Monty Don, avid gardener and BBC correspondent, once said, "a garden is not a place, it's a journey." Our Rotary Club started on a journey last spring as we came up with the concept, presented it to the club, and then to the school district. We received such a positive response that we knew it was the right journey to embark on. We began having our work days and often welcomed more volunteers than Rotarians last September. We've had 2-3 work days per month since and have not looked back.
Because of the support from our in-kind donors and sponsors, we've been able to build our raised beds and make progress sooner than ever anticipated. We now have fresh fruit and vegetables growing at the Garden and look forward to the day when we can share the fruits and vegetables of our labor.
We've worked hard and our volunteers and Rotarians have made it all possible. We thank everyone for joining us on this gardening journey and we look forward to all of the bounty yet to come! For more information, please contact project manager, Heather Hermen, heather@frontburnermedia.com.