The room was abuzz with ideas and energy with team breakout sessions during the meeting!  Each member selected a home team and work began.  Co-Captains were selected and discussion of the assigned Visioning Goals got underway.  The Youth Services Team was way ahead of the game, meeting in July, as the entire team was out of town except for Carol and Ernie.  Once Co-Captains Holly and Russ return, they will tackle their ongoing projects and goals.
The International Team, led by Co-Captains Winnie and Garey, along with Sara and Chuck, moved quickly on our action plan to increase our impact.  They will formally establish a community partnership with Sedona International City of Peace (SICOP)!  In joining with SICOP, our club is also partnering with the Rotary Club of Sedona (RCS).  RCS has supported SICOP for the last five years with the Human Library Project.  
Co-Captains Heather and Robert got the Community Service/PR Team down to business with their five Action Plan Goals.  The goal of a donor appreciation event to help us increase our ability to adapt sparked a robust discussion.  The team requests that the membership reconsider this goal.  Watch for an email survey relating to this and another item from the Administration/Membership Team.
One of the Administration/Membership Team's goals is to get our membership to 50 in three years.  Lynn, Miki, Susan, and Harry, with input from Carol and Ernie, launched into a flurry of ideas.  Time ran out before Co-Captains were named.  But the team wants to strike while the iron is hot!  If you're interested in brainstorming this topic or joining this team, please join the Admin/Membership Team from 7:30-8:30 a.m., on Thursday, August 11th at Oak Creek Espresso!
With the overwhelming positive feedback, look for Meetings Within Meetings to return to our regular schedule!