Sedona Area Homeless Alliance (SAHA) is working on a new project, and we get to be a part of it! With over 1,000 homeless individuals in the Sedona Verde Valley area, more displaced community members are around us daily. Many of these displaced neighbors are students. With nearly 170 in the Mingus High School, 40 at Red Rock High School, and many others too proud to share, some of our most vulnerable neighbors are kids. SAHA has a new project: Operation Bed Roll. 
We need grocery bags, clean and ready to be cut, and anyone interested in creating plarn (plastic yarn). Attached is a detailed instruction sheet with how to cut the plastic bags.  We'll be having a meet up in the near future to cut, tie, and chat while we work to help the SAHA meet their goal: 100,000 bags collected for 100 bed rolls by summer 2023!