Representatives from Shelter with their carts and Rotary Club members
Jennie Underwood and Cassandra Presmyk of the Verde Valley Sanctuary rushed through a five minute shopping spree at Clark’s Market on Saturday, Jennie pushing the cart and Cassandra grabbing items off the shelves. The generous grand prize winner of the 2nd Annual Rotary Club of Sedona Village Grocery Grab donated his winning ticket to the Sanctuary resulting in over $625 in groceries for the Sanctuary. Danielle Gian, Rotary coordinator of the event said, “The Sanctuary reports that these groceries represent 50% of a typical monthly Sanctuary grocery bill.”  The Rotary Club purchased the groceries from the Grocery Grab proceeds and thanks Clark’s Market for a generous 20% discount.
Home stretch: Jennie and Cassandra accompanied by Danielle Giann push full carts to check-out.
Together they unload the carts for the cashier.


Jennette Bill, Rotary Club President, reported, “After the Grocery Grab was over, I was asked to thank the winner who donated the shopping spree to the Verde Valley Sanctuary. I almost cried when I was told, “The Sanctuary saved my life. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. This is so wonderful that they could benefit from your event."

Grocery Grab Winners were:

Carl Wright Grand Prize: Donated to the Verde Valley Sanctuary
Sally and Ned $100
Deanna Dewitt $100 donated to a local family
Debbie $75
Robin Von $75 donated to a local family
Paul Majane $50
Mario $50

Congratulations to Danielle Giann, who organized a fun and profitable event!