Dr. Curt Kommer, known for his portrayal of Joe in Lilly, put on his physician hat to share his tips on getting older and resilience. Quoting Bette Davis, he said, “Aging is not for sissies.” However he shared many things that we can do to live better and be happier as elders. Dr. Kommer gave us plenty of opportunities to practice his advice to find things to smile and laugh about! Other key points included:
• Learn new things and vary your routine.
• Avoid isolation. Talk to people. Participate in activities.
• Loving relationships are probably the most important. Take an interest in others or something. Family, pets, friends. Aldus Huxley famously said, “Love, the last defense against old age.”
Dr. Kommer wrapped-up by noting Rotary International’s last motto, “Service Above Self,” and the current “People of Action.” He observed, “Rotary is the magic elixir to aging.”