They gave us all then . . .

We give back some now.
Young  John  Cornelius
The Cornelius Veterans Hospital Benefit Raffle was established 17 years ago by a local VOC resident, the late Lt. John Cornelius (US Army).  Since its inception, this project has directly contributed over $250,000 to help veterans who need personal items and toiletries not provided by the hospital.  The Rotary Club of Sedona Village has joined the project organizers to assure this needed support for our hospitalized veterans continues; likewise, we ask you to join with us to support our veterans.

Project Purpose

The proceeds from the project go directly toward providing the long term residents of the VA hospital with personal comfort items that are not provided by the hospital.  For example, a wheelchair-bound female vet needed a bra. Bras are not part of the clothing issued and she had no way to shop for it herself. Funds from the raffle provided the bra she needed.   A vet whose hands are too shaky to tie his shoe laces needed shoes with Velcro strap shoes - not provided by VA, so provided with the raffle funds.  Books/puzzles/etc. are provided to help lonely vets entertain themselves. A soft colorful blanket may be provided that a vet can call his/her own instead of the normal hospital drab white hospital blanket.  These are things that give them better quality of life and dignity.

How the Raffle Works

Four holiday weekends a year a tent is put up in front of Clark's Market. People can buy tickets for a drawing that will be held at the end of the weekend. Prizes are gift certificates that have been donated by local businesses. There will be multiple winners. Some prizes may have a "buy it now" option.

Enter the Raffle Now

You can buy tickets online now to be entered in the next weekend event. You will be notified by phone if your ticket wins a prize.
Number of Tickets
Or you can simply donate however much you want to the cause.

Thank you!


Why Your Business Should Participate
Will you help us  raise funds for the Cornelius Veterans Hospital Benefit to help our disabled vets in the Prescot VA hospital and at the same time bring more tourist traffic to your business?  Here is how it works:
We are selling raffle tickets at 4 major tourist holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran Day) in front of the Clark’s Market with a focus on attracting tourists and send the raffle prizes winners to your business.
Your business name will be displayed in front of the Clark’s Market during the sale events and will be mentioned in the Rotary pre-sale publicity. Your business will be exposed to tourists 12 days during these events.
A raffle drawing is made at the end of each of the four ticket sales events to encourage the tourists shopping at Clark’s to purchase raffle tickets; hoping to win and use the prizes while they are still in the Sedona area.
The raffle is designed to have smaller prizes (like gift certificates) to produce more winners.More than likely, the winners will redeem the certificates at your business and make additional purchases such as foods, gifts, tours, etc. We are confident that for every dollar you donate, you will receive one or more back.
High value donated items may also be featured as “buy now” items with stand-alone displays to make your business names and products stand out to passers-by.